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I've put together a list of songs that provide a big distraction, which, I must say, are big distractions when it's cold and snowing, and that's why I'm so excited to visit the playoff warriors this weekend for their home opener against the San Francisco 49ers. Listen to the songs below and make sure you hear them as often as possible over the next few days.

My San Francisco glasses may not be as rosy as the sky and clouds in the morning, but I still consider the Bay Area my home, even though everything has changed in my life since I graduated from college. I definitely still miss living in my block, growing up in a small town with lots of great friends and great music, and I can still have that focus. This music video is a tribute to my hometown of Oakland, California, where I grew up, and the city I live in.

After moving to the Big Apple, I decided to pursue a career in music journalism, with the goal of transforming music from something that enriches my life into something that is defined by it.

I was able to work separately with trainer Jeremy Cohen, who found some great shots of Viva La Vida. Each musician was given a click track, a metronome and a tempo setting, in the hope of giving the final seniors a new piece of music for their final performance.

Dirnt worked with Nantucket Restaurant and Crockett's to get us to buy a truck so we could listen to live music at Berkeley's 924 Gillman Club. I did some research for the rest of the day and helped to make the list start with a list of the best places in town and a few of my favorite places.

The band toured the West Coast and released an album of many original instrumental and vocal compositions, but hearing the songs in San Francisco still feels strange. There are a few songs that sound great when you cruise through the various hills of the city at night. But there are few songs that sound better than "San Francisco Knights" when you drive through a city (turn left at the market). The truck driver is described as from Moraga, Ca., but he drives all over the bay and we interviewed him at the eco-bad.

Moraga is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, due to its proximity to the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge. The Moraga - Bernal Land Grant measured 13,316 acres and was originally named after its original owner, John M. Bernals. In 1841, he built a mud structure on the hill that flooded the Moragas Valley, which was declared a historic landmark in California in 1954.

Saint Mary's was founded in 1863 and is a residential campus in the heart of San Francisco Bay, just a few blocks from the Golden Gate Bridge. Moraga is famous for being home to the San Jose Earthquakes, San Diego Padres and San Joaquin Valley Warriors. It is home to the University of California, Santa Cruz, as well as the California Institute of Technology and the College of William and Mary, both of which were founded in San Francisco and then Oakland.

Joaquin Moraga was a Pueblo who grew up near the city of San Jose, and the city is named after his fame. The elder Moragas is also considered the father of the San Joaquin Valley Warriors, San Diego Padres and San Francisco 49ers.

He sang in San Francisco clubs, was noticed by Bill Graham, signed a contract with Columbia Records and released his debut album in 1977. In 1979 he moved to Chicago and appeared in "Blow for Blows" with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and later on the television show "The Tonight Show."

The alternative funk metal band became mainstream and the band remained in the same quartet or trio until 1991. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame sold its recording in 1993, making it the oldest rock'n "roll band ever.

CV has been proven to break down professional musical performances that promote the development of a range of musical styles and a strong self-confidence - confidence in one's own abilities.

In 2007, Tia Carroll was elected Blues Singer of the Year by the West Coast Blues Hall of Fame and nominated by the Jus Blues Music Foundation as the best traditional blues singer. Her single "Burning House" sold over 500,000 copies in the US and became her first top-five hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The love and drive that translated into the digital video became the project, and Ye hopes to continue her freshman year at UC Berkeley with a planned major in English and a minor in music education.

The Garden of Abstraction will host live performances from 5 to 7 p.m. by artists such as Tia Carroll, the Jus Blues Music Foundation and John Reed. The public is invited to get to know the artists and enjoy a free open-air beer garden and vineyard with live music. Creative Contrast offers a live performance of the Bay Area's most talented artists, with music from the San Francisco Bay Area's best past and present artists, presented at 5: 30 p.m., with a special guest appearance by singer-songwriter and musician Reed.

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More About Moraga